Hello friends,

Leon Pinsky / OwnerMy name is Leon. I began repairing iPhones back in 2009, after I broke my personal device. Having an Electrical Engineering background, I soon learned how to fix most of the software and hardware issues associated with cracked/broken screens, faulty batteries and water damaged devices.

Now, given that the iPhone is so popular and carries a glass screen, a lot of screens end up getting broken. But, The service arranged through Apple normally takes three to five business days. Thus the idea of an instant and affordable repair iPhone shop was born. Since then I have attained Master Technician status , and am an expert on every iPhone , iPad and iPod model that Apple has produced to date.

As the owner and lead technician, I take pride in the work that comes out of our shop and I’m excited to help any customer with their repair needs.

We appreciate your business and look forward to repairing your device!

Thank you!