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iPhone Screen Protection

The OtterBox Defender is an excellent case for those who want to keep their iPhone protected from accidental damage! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their iPhone’s glass from cracking (I’ve seen it….not a pretty sight).

  • Extremely Rugged. You can literally throw this case outside, on concrete, and your phone will survive (Not suggesting you try it).
  • Tough, industrial strength rubber. Absorbs impact of all kinds.
  • High-Impact Polycarbonate protects your phone from just about everything.
  • The case is almost completely dust proof, with covers for almost all the ports on the device (with the exception of the camera hole and speaker ports).

Note, the case is not waterproof. If you are interested in purchasing a case that is waterproof, pick up the LifeProof case or OtterBox Armer case, that is waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and crush proof.

At Miphone Doctor of Boston we offer iPhone cracked screen insurance for all customers who get a repair by us and the insurance is a one time low payment and covers your mobile phone for 12 months so no need to even buy an OtterBox!

With every iPhone repair we offer to install a high quality tempered glass screen protector. No doubt, tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass and it feels more like the original screen. It can save your screen from scratches, and if you drop and brake  your iPhone, it’s far easier to replace the glass protector than your phone’s screen itself. It’s a good way to protect your iPhone and get that superior glass feel.

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Water Damaged iPhone Repair

Q: Can I go to the Apple Store and get my water damaged iPhone repaired?

A: Apple does not cover water damaged devices and does not repair them. There’s an LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) installed in the device and can be checked by an Apple technician to determine whether your iPhone has been exposed to “water or a liquid containing water”.  If so, the warranty is void.

Do you know that 85% of all water damaged iPhones can be saved if you bring it early enough to a local independent iPhone repair service that may be able to recover it?  Our water damage charge is from $30 and we serve the residents of Boston, Massachusetts. We don’t charge if we can’t fix your iPhone. “If a device is exposed to water or other liquids, corrosion—an irreversible deterioration or degradation of materials—may result.” This may cause the device to malfunction and in some cases it is not fixable.

How you should handle your electronic devices when the water damage occurs:

  • Immediately power off your device after contact with liquid occurs! Do not try to turn the device back on! This is a very common mistake people make.

  • Please don’t put it in the bag of rice 🙂 Putting iPhone or smartphone in the rice for a couple days just gives the liquid more time to do damage to it.

  • If you have a Bheestie Bag on hand, immediately put your water damaged iPhone into it and bring it as soon as possible to a repair center. It will increase a chance to save it.

  • It is important to regularly back up your data using iCloud or iTunes. We are not responsible for the loss of information while servicing your iPhone.

Good Luck!

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